The Snowflake

As I passed by the river

A voice whispered in my ear

Do, grow, evolve

Let the worries dissolve

As fog kissed my cheek

The voice got weak

Should I really go ahead

Very lightly it said

As frost settled on the pane

The voice was full of pain

I can’t do it at all

It gave out with a bawl

As a snowflake brushed my lip

It gave me a lasting tip

I made it till here it uttered

You have to make my story heard

As it then melted in my hand

The voice within turned quite grand

It found it hard to shake

The determination of the flake

As sunshine then fell on my face

The voice was full of grace

It had a new resolve

It has now convinced me to evolve

No matter how hard times get, the smallest of things can give us hope. It is our duty to never give up and keep looking around to find that hope.


11 thoughts on “The Snowflake

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  1. What a beautiful piece, I have always wanted to learn poetry, but just never got the hang of it. I guess some people are blessed with poetry skills and some not so much. Well done!

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