My demons are smart

They attack real slow

Their strike though is precise

I feel every single blow

You are worthless, one whispers

You have duties, the other reminds

You just talk, the third blames

While another closes all blinds

Nothing matters, nothing’s safe

No one’s a friend, you’re a disgrace

They keep up in rhythmic succession

Until I’m totally defaced

Then comes the cruelest of all

My subconscious that I keep strong

That now has only hate

For me and my choices wrong

It slowly deteriorates my will

That I built with lots of effort

Ultimately nothing’s left

But a big pile of rubble

Now its upto me

whether to let it be

Or start anew my fight

Against my demons’ spite

No matter how strong a person’s will is, there comes a time when his demons catch up with him. That is the time when we must remember that we are not the only ones facing this. And that realization should give us strength to move forward again.


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