How I wish I were at Hogwarts

Studying how to make potions

It would be so much better than

Following false societal notions

Mixing ingredients in a cauldron

Keeping count of every stir

Meanwhile thinking about homework

From the charms professor

Wingardium leviosa, alohamora

Reparo, lumos and diffindo

I wish I could use my wand

Make a goblet from a flamingo

That brings us to transfiguration

Incendio, aguamenti, evanesco, avis

The art of conjuring and changing

And hopefully being an animagus

Spending my time amidst plants

Use them for war tactic

Just for a few wee hours

Turn from terrestrial to aquatic

Speculate about future in Divination

Reading tea leaves and crystal balls

Meeting seers all over the world

Cheering through the halls

Fighting grindylows, hinkypunks, red caps,

Werewolves, vampires and a boggart

Being an auror, deflecting curses

And the likes of Gilderoy Lockhart

I wish I had boarded the train

At platform nine and three quarter

But alas! My despicable fate

They forgot to post my letter

The wizarding world of harry potter is very close to my heart and I wanted to express my desire for it to be real. There will be many more posts relating to this world in the future. Stay tuned! if you are a harry potter fan too. I thank J.K. Rowling for introducing me to magic and teaching me the different forms of love and courage.


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