I kept walking on the road

That everyone around me showed

They were with me until

The way remained still

No one to guide me when

The path came to a bend

Should I take the right

Where the Sun ain’t bright

Should I take the left

Where the wind’s bereft

Maybe go straight ahead

Where the rain’s far spread

Or just turn back around

Where my dreams were bound

Each choice asked to be dismissed

The turmoil too hard to desist

But then the ground invited

Don’t let your life be blighted

You could build a brand new trail

Through this grass perennial

A bit of light and some rain

Steady wind and dream again

Unwavering against nature’s wrath

The best of all on your path

The pressures of society, peers and parents make us walk on roads that might not be made for us and when we are unable to walk further, we have no one to guide us to the right path. But help is always given to those who ask for it and in that light, we must look for help and maybe build up a whole new option for ourselves than the ones available. Life is too long to make amends and too short to have regrets.


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