Nothing but a glorified social event

Where people brag about achievement

No one’s really happy to see anyone

Just one-upping the game of sadism

Nobody ever tells the whole story

Just the highlights of their lives gory

That make them seem better

No matter the effect on the other

Music, dance and booze are just

A diversion from the surrounding disgust

True friends don’t create the illusion

Of caring about you on a reunion

The people who really care for you and want to know what’s going on in your life and in turn share their own life with you don’t really wait for reunions to happen. They tend to call, email, chat, Skype and share even the tiny happenings, be it daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Moreover, we ourselves go and meet the people we want to, wish them on birthdays not because it is expected but because we want to make them feel special. We make it happen, plan things accordingly. Reunions sometimes encourage people to stand up to the fake standards of society and play a part in them and this ideology should be discarded. Let a reunion be a union and not a partition.


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