He saw a girl hurt on the road

Tsk tsk tsk tsk he exclaimed

And passed by on his bike

Without a second look and blamed

In his mind an imaginary driver

Who had supposedly hit her

While being careless or drunk

And the world a mighty blur

Another woman gave a worried look

Through her car’s window

But kept on moving with the traffic

Despite a raised brow

Then came a man not so harsh

Who stopped to call the medics

When it was taking too long

He retorted at the gathered critics

To make some space for him

To take her to his car

She was bleeding profusely

The hospital wasn’t that far

His car was ruined but he didn’t care

For if he didn’t help her at once

He wouldn’t forgive himself for

Turning his back on a life on the balance

Sympathy and empathy, two syllables have made all the difference. This fast paced life is no excuse for not helping someone in need. It is our first and foremost duty as a human being. We were born humans; not engineers, lawyers, bankers or actors and humanity should be what defines us.


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