Last night I could not sleep

Even I don’t know why

Maybe due to thoughts deep

I can’t recall if I try

Or maybe it was the turmoil

Brewing in my fickle mind

Every idea seems to recoil

Out of grasp to the hind

It could’ve been my subconscious reaching

Out to me in a state of confusion

Asking, begging, reproaching

Me to let go of this inaction

I kept searching for an answer

Got more questions in return

Darkness closing in like cancer

Hearing my insides churn

Last night I could not sleep

Even I don’t know why

All I could do was wait to creep

Back into the night’s void

I’ve always gone by the mantra that if sleep, ice cream or chocolate can’t cure it, it is something serious. But what to do when sleep wouldn’t show up?

This is the first post where in I’m requesting your take on a question. Please feel free to leave answers in comments.


3 thoughts on “Restless

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  1. I have been experiencing this since last 3 years or so.
    It helped me alot as now I show more patience, I developed caring nature, my thoughts and argument handling skill improved, also I thought about every possible problem that friends of my age group can have and whenever they share with me I share my views on it and this has remarkably improved my level of bonding with them.
    But I must say, this is a form of suffering that has made my life a bit bitter, anxious, angry, frustrated and depressed, but by carrying responsibilities… I somehow balanced myself.

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