It rose from the heart and climbed up the ladder

Through crests, troughs and a wide boulder

Then skimmed down the smooth slope

Held on for life at the long silken rope

The grip slipped and time slowed down

Ripples from the vortex prevented the drown

But the swirl around slowly pulled it in

And dark depths finally sucked it within

The story of the dream did not end there

For it had more emotions in its share

It was born again from that depth

With a new determination in its breath

It had changed in demeanour somehow

Strength intact but a rhythm to its flow

It passed the whirl retracing steps from within

And finally let go of the leash that held it in

Then embarked on a journey of its own

Out in the wide world where it was blown

It dripped across the wax and wane

Oblivious to its destiny whence it came

Everything it strived for, it will lose

Didn’t even have another option to choose

It realised it had only miseries in its life

It splashed and gave up without a strife

Dreams today have a very short life span. They are born, live a short, miserable life, full of questions and hardships and finally they wither and die. Our education system and society have played a major part in this diseased existence of dreams. Everyone around claims that they support you in following your dream but they expect your dream to be parallel to their’s.

With this post I hope more people let their dreams fly free as a bird instead of caging them.


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