A friend who is far away

Just out of reach everyday

When she used to be close

I used to forget my woes

With her I could vent out

But now I face a doubt

Was she really a friend?

Or a means to an end

The weakness of my soul

Hindering me to be whole

But now that she isn’t here

My mind is more clear

I recognize her true form

An enemy in a uniform

Glistening on the outside

But with a very sour inside

Shaped like a beautiful pearl

Her intentions make me wanna hurl

She made me seem weak

And my future prospects bleak

I’m glad she left me

Now I can live free

Never again, I vow will I see her

This day forth, I banish the tear

Crying and letting it all out might seem like the best option when times test you. But mostly it just numbs you and dulls your brain. Instead of this, try and calm yourself down, leave the area if you must and start thinking of solutions right away because at that very moment your mind works in overdrive.

I used to compare tears to weakness. But now I know the different types of tears. Sometimes, we just need an outlet to let go of the whirlwind of emotions going through us. But sometimes, tears do make us SEEM weak, no one cares at that moment how long you have held them back.

I hope everyone lets go of their weak tears of confusion and sorrow and embrace the happy tears of joy and reconciliation.

I had started writing this poem and then checked the daily post, what a coincidence that my poem could fit into the daily word prompt.

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5 thoughts on “Friend?

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  1. I found your poems associated with inspiration, love, crush, depression, courage, happiness, sorrow and few other topics. Since it somehow related to the feelings so I just posted on the mindsets that the youth is having (~80℅). I know few of us have different. This post was a collective response to all.
    Anyway that is mine knowledge not a fact so that can be challenged.
    Above I found a statement stating about the different types of tears..
    Can you enlighten us about it?

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  2. With this post I wander… What we want in terms of friendship like…
    We want the post that wins relationship goals.
    We swipe left in hopes of finding the right one.
    We talk and we text
    We Snapchat and we sext
    We hangout and we happy hour
    We go get coffee and grab a beer
    We forgo any chance of achieving real connection by mutually playing games with no winner.
    The only thing we end up winning is most likely to be alone
    We want the facade of a relationship
    Without the work of a relationship
    We want the happy ever after without the effort in the here and now
    We want to have a deep connections but still keep things shallow
    We want to keep chasing love but we don’t actually want to fall into it
    We don’t want relationship we want friends with benefits
    We want everything that gives us the illusion of a relationship without an actually a relationship
    We want rewards with no risk
    We want the teasing without the serious conversations
    We want the pretty promise without the actual commitment
    We want someone to hold our hands,
    but we want to out the power to hurt us in their hands…

    ‎We want to connect enough but not too much,
    ‎We want to commit a little but not a lot
    ‎we take it slow, we see where it goes,
    ‎we don’t want to label things, we just go with the flow
    When things get too close to real, we run, we hide, we leave, we stay to overselves “there’s more fish in the sea”
    We want to downloadable person that’s a perfect fit,
    Just like an app you can update whenever there’s a hitch
    We hide everything behind an instagram filter,
    We chose a Netflix show over a real conversation
    We feel entitled to love like we feel entitled to full-time job out of college…
    We want a placeholder not a person
    We want a warm body not a partner

    The things that we truly want,
    The things that are deeply meaningful
    The things that are genuinely fulfilling
    All require patience
    They all require work
    They all require energy
    We all want to be with someone who makes us happy
    We sit our friends discussing the rules but no one even knows what game we’re trying to play.
    At the end of the day, we actually do want love without much responsibilities.

    It would rather go on…
    But on the other hand I observed friendship in children… and it brings me smile.

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