Once upon a time

There lived a boy

One day he lost

His favourite toy

It was yellow and

Shaped quite vividly

Had a sweet music

And sparkled radiantly

The boy grew sad

He no more played

The toy wasn’t found

Despite attempts made

Then came a lady

Quite well versed

She questioned the boy

And he gladly answered

She asked him

What he wanted

He replied with a sigh

Not to be haunted

By the memory

Of the lost toy

The lady exclaimed

Oh! My poor boy

It was your favourite

You’ll forever remember

Don’t be disheartened

You will get another

Even if you don’t

You’ll have memories

Happy times spent

With your treasury

That day the boy

Learned a life lesson

Everything we get

Is meant to be taken

When we know

This to be true

Somewhere in between

Is when we grew

We often lose our precious belongings, our loved ones and even some relations along the path of life. What we need to remember in those times is that everything has a life span, be it a human or a relation and we must be happy that we got to be a part of their lives and they our’s. Being bitter about something lost for the rest of our lives causes more loss and in turn more bitterness.

Let the happy times guide you through the sad ones.


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