Something didn’t feel right

I held my chair tight

Breathed in, breathed out

But the spiralling doubt

Didn’t leave me alone

How will I ever atone

For the evil that

Crossed my mind stat

How could I have felt

That all was about to melt

All was about to be blown

How could I have known

A feeling does not sit right with you, don’t ignore it, heed it. When someone close to you needs you, you really do feel it even miles apart. Sometimes, we even have a premonition of something bad about to happen with us. It is nature’s way of preparing us for it.

Premonitions are real. I have had them, not the psychic stuff, but small feelings of something bad going to happen and even once or twice about someone going to visit me.


3 thoughts on “Dread

Add yours

    1. When they start disturbing our routine, we should consult psychologists for our own betterment. Paying heed to them, not by overthinking but by calling up the person about whom we had the premonition, and if it was about us, then its better to just forget it.
      Will definitely check your post in a bit.

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