As warm as wools

As cool as cottons

As dense as denims

Decorated with buttons

Strength of nylon

Endurance of polyester

Softness of silk

In countless colour

Light like chiffon

Lustrous like leather

Laced with velvet

Built like armour

Moldeable like spandex

Jaded like jute

In plain sight

Hiding a truth

Loose threads

Elegance of satin

Such is the fabric

Of my being

No one is black or white, we all have shades of grey, red, green, yellow, pink etc. We all have our strengths and weaknesses just like different fabrics available in the market. We select the one which we need at the moment and similarly we bring out the trait in us that is needed at that time.

We can be as strong as nylon at times and at other times we may be as sheer as lace.


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