Let me tell you a story today

Of a girl not so bold

Not so dull and not so brave

She made do with what the world gave

But she wasn’t happy with what she got

For she knew she deserved far better

Her abilities locked away in a vault

Everyone thought it was her own fault

She didn’t know how to sell herself and her flair

And thus waited for a connoisseur to come along

To recognise her ambitions and her talents

Hear the singer behind the silence

How her heart thumped to pour

And her hands itched to draw

Her feet tapped to every rhythm

Her words a multifaceted prism

She had quick solutions to major problems

And a keen sense of understanding

She could often put herself in others’ shoes

Solve any riddle with just a few clues

What she lacked was a will to go out

And work on other people’s terms

This constantly filled her with self doubt

Before she even tried, she bailed out

What she craved foremost was to justify herself

Show the world what she was capable of

She wanted to be free not bound by her skill

She wanted to work and yet have a free will

Pliable enough had been her past

Now she didn’t want to bend

Maybe her newfound uncompromising nature

Is what gives her a better future

This is the story of almost every introvert today. Most of the times they are more talented and more knowledgeable than others but due to their shyness they never get to showcase themselves. Everything is about marketing these days, once you learn this art, you can even sell a faulty device. If you don’t learn it, a brand new top-of-the-line model may just only be a show piece on your shelf.

I have tried to blend a story into a poem. I hope you all like it. ☺️


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