6 days

Oh God! Monday is here

It is intensive cardio time

Treadmill, cycling, skipping, stepper

And a little mountain climb

Tuesday I’ll work out my sides

Bending, twisting, oblique

Some side and back kicks

To maintain my physique

Wednesday is chest and shoulder

Dumbell and military presses are hell

Uprights, shrugs, side raises

And that damned barbell

Thursday becomes a fun day

Exercising arms is a treat

My loose biceps and triceps

After workout are deadbeat

Friday’s back and abs

Crunch, leg raise, bend, plank

Rowing and bend overs are difficult

I’ll be very frank

Leg day, D-day, Saturday

Here it arrives with a bang

Calves, thighs, glutes, hamstrings

All in a painful pang

Sunday, finally the rest day

I get to revive my strength

And get myself ready for

Next week’s 6-day length

The vicious 6 day cycle of gymming. It is important to give yourself that one day of pampering and rest, a reward and a promise to complete the next cycle. Especially the beginners, we live for this one day after the 6 days. Work out at your own pace, give yourself time to adjust, don’t curb your diet immediately if you wish to control it, baby steps are the way to go.

Slow, steady, smart and consistent wins the race.


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