Weird are the notions

That we see today

No sign of equality

The balance goes astray

If I were rich

I would get richer

If I were happy

I would get happier

If I had skills

I would get more skillful

If I had resources

I would get more resourceful

But I am damaged

I have so many flaws

And I keep going

Deeper into their jaws

The more I look

Into the mirror

Everyday a new crack

Is what I discover

Wish I could mend

The broken glass

I don’t have the power

It’s my fate, alas!

Am I not worthy?

Don’t I deserve?

To feel the love

Without any reserve

We all have some particularly bad days where in we feel worthless and the first thought that comes to mind is “WHY ME”, “WHAT DID I DO WRONG”.

Readers, this is when we need to surround ourselves with positivity and with people who have constantly shown us that we are worth it, people who no matter what have been with us through the thicks and thins of life.


It is upto you to find your happiness.


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