This is a dark night

It’s calling me in

I don’t want to fight

Just silently give in

To the call of the void

Creeping on my skin

Calling on my faults

Reminding every sin

It’s not silent either

Ears ring with the din

It’s too powerful

I just can’t win

I tried to resist

Jutted out my chin

The voices are ramming

They’re trying to break in

Every second now

My resolve growing thin

I can’t think anymore

My head starts to spin

I saw the demon

With an ominous grin

It was a dark night

It finally called me in

Many of us, who can’t overcome our demons, succumb to them. They either give in to the depression or they just give up on life itself. What they need to remember is that many lives around are affected by what step they take. Their family, friends and other close ones.

Whenever we feel close to the verge, we should talk, or write, or just take a stroll, or do whatever makes us happy, be it photography, singing, dancing, TV shows, comedy or anything else. Even if we don’t feel like doing it, we should. It takes our mind off the call of the void. And that is all we need at that moment the void calls, to ignore it. I know, it’s easy to say. But at least try, if not for yourself, for your loved ones, who will be devastated.

It is just a moment, it passes.


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  1. Great peace of writing. Yup! everybody is concerned about their demons.
    But avoiding it is not a good thing for long term strategy.
    It is just a moment it passes, it will be repeated and that gonna haunt you till it is not fixed. That’s why I think we should focus on how to repair holes in the map of life… So that we don’t fall again into it.
    Easiest way is that if we look into eachother’s life, we will find that someone of us already has conquered it.
    Learn how to become that person when you confront that problem in our life.
    No doubt we all are using less than 1% of our mind capabilities because we are not willing to suffer by going into the unknown territory and to grow upwards…
    We all know a part of life is suffering but we can’t fill that part with happiness. In fact this is the reason why youngsters easily become drug addicts as all they think meaning of life lies in happiness.
    Learn how to deal with your demons, and that is better than avoiding it.

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  2. Fighting inner demons is probably life’s greatest struggle. And your words bring out the very essence of it. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I just got reminded of Demons by Imagine Dragons. Have you heard it? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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