He is happy today

He is at peace

Away from chaos

Gathering every piece

Of himself that he lost

In the worldwide race

To earn money and respect

Neglecting his own ace

Now that he embraced it

He can finally release

All his pent up emotion

He is at peace

This one is quite self explanatory, in the race to earn money, we often curb our passions and our inherent talents. It is time to accept ourselves for who we are and make our own niche in this world. The pressure and the desire of money may make us successful but leaving what we love never lets us find happiness and satisfaction.

Our goal should be to strive for happiness. I am not saying money is not important, it is, but we should always take time out for the little things in life, that give it meaning.


8 thoughts on “Pieces

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  1. Amazing! Could relate to it. Read a few more. I like them. Following you now. Apologies for taking much time, was quite busy with stuff. But glad to have read your work. Looking forward to read more from you. 🙂

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