I walked and walked

But did not see

My destination coming closer

Just some stops free

I started a brisk pace

But still didn’t find

A trace of my desire

Just some wishes twined

I began running

Towards the unseen goal

But still didn’t see

The victory pole

Now tired, I slowed down

Still adamant to achieve

My destination, my dream

I’ll reach, I believe

I kept crawling

But still couldn’t see

A glimpse of that dream

Neither hear nor feel

I had almost surrendered

When I remembered

Its not the destination

But journey that mattered

Memories with loved ones

Dedication and strife

Are what give meaning

To this extraordinary life

While searching for our goals, we often forget to live in the moment. We curb our desires to reach another of our desires, which frankly, makes no sense.

Destination is nothing but a mirage, you never realise you have achieved it, because a new one takes its place. So it’s better to focus on the journey and not the end.

Desires and wants are what make us human, and this life worth living. So, go out, watch the latest movie, have that lovely meal, open a bar tab, sing along to your favourite songs.


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