She smiled despite the pain

Glowed despite the strain

Boundless was her happiness

Limitless her nervousness

She knew not what to do

Had not a single clue

Huge was the responsibility

She doubted her ability

But still adamant

She was radiant

The blessing of motherhood

She now understood

I’m quite young to understand the feeling and the joy of motherhood, but from what I’ve heard, I have tried explaining it.

I do know about my mother, who even when she is angry with me, takes care of me. She is worried about me, whether I ate food, whether I am safe. At every turn she supports me, admonishes me, gives her wise words of wisdom which I don’t what I would do without.

So, according to me, this all would be manifold when she comes to know that she is going to be a mom. The dual feeling of joy with nervousness, the fear of the unknown, the hesitation of stepping into a new phase of life is something that I truly can’t explain being a non experienced person in this area. But those of you who have experienced this are free to share it in the comments.


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