What If

Dear Diary

I met someone

Someone who made

My insides churn

Someone whose eyes

Were remarkably pure

Deep and gorgeous

Quite mature

Someone whose laugh

Was so bright

Hearty and full

Of delight

Someone who looked

At me with wonder

I was confused

Heart left asunder

My heart fluttered

My breath hitched

These new feelings

Left me bewitched

I didn’t have courage

To go and talk

What if

I made a squawk

What if

I misunderstood the look

What if

To king I was rook

And so I came

Without trying

My self deprecation


And thus I write

And I regret

What if

I had made the effort

Sometimes the littlest of encounters leave us wondering “what if?”. These what ifs keep piling up and when its too much to bear, we break, we don’t believe in ourself anymore.

It is important to keep ourselves strong and not leave room a regrets, they’ll always be there, but let it not be a regret of not trying.

Live happy, live free!!!


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