Goodness and friendship

We learned from Cap

Sarcasm and dedication

From Iron Man

Strength and brilliance

Hulk balances

Godliness and power

Thor challenges

Simplicity and skill

Hawk Eye stands for

Divinity and intelligence

Vision‘s made of

Deadliness and beauty

Black Widow amalgamates

Technique and genius

Shuri creates

Perseverance and compassion

Drive Black Panther

Determination and notoriety

Star Lord‘s canter

Sacrifice and life

Groot‘s all about

Might and benevolence

Scarlet Witch draws out

Pain and divergence

Rocket knows

Loss and will power

White Wolf shows

Dreaming and mystery

Doctor Strange taught

Patriotism and stealth

Rhodey Falcon brought

Righteousness and fear

Gamora Nebula retain

Warfare and feminism

Okoye Valkyrie explain

Heroism and bravery

Spider-Man‘s goals

Mischief and family

Loki‘s two loopholes

Love and inner beauty

Drax Mantis teach

Foresight and omnipresence

Heimdall‘s preach

They fought, they laughed

Became our idols

They loved, they gave

Without any quarrels

Now that it’s

About to end

It’s difficult to let go

And with reality blend

There was an idea…To bring together, a group of remarkable people…To see if we could become something more…So when they needed us, we could fight the battles…That they never could.

In anticipation of the upcoming marvel movie, I have written this. It is going to be a very big moment for both fans and the MCU. This crossover of so many superheroes, 10 years worth of suspense brewing and what these heroes mean to us is really getting on every single one of our nerves.

Some new, some old, all these heroes have become our role models, some more than others. They have instilled the much needed lessons of responsibility and learning the difference between right and wrong in today’s generation.



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