When I cry

He wipes my tears

Without question

Absorbs my fears

When I rant

He patiently listens

Pain is mine

He glistens

When I’m alone

His soft touch

And feathery hug

Become my crutch

When I need

A true companion

Comes to the rescue

He deserves a medallion

When I’m ashamed

He comforts

Makes me sleep

With fluffy efforts

He never laughs

Never complains

Even at my worst

I can trust his trains

Silent but steady

Waiting always

My pillow, my friend

Till end of days

We all have times when we screw up, or the world screws us up. All we need then are practical words of comfort, something that makes us see hope. Sometimes, all we need is to sleep it off.

For these times, choose your pillow wisely πŸ˜‰


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