I was happy, I was whole

Full of confidence, content soul

Eyes sparkled, brimming with hope

At every opportunity, I used to grope

Smile ready and words of advice

I didn’t mind trying a task thrice

I don’t understand, what went wrong

Suddenly, I was stuck in a throng

Pushed and pulled, here and there

Slowly came stress, then anger

Frustration followed close behind

Irritation, always in my mind

Tension made nest, anger left

The emptiness, left me bereft

Now I’m disappointed, expect nothing

I am numb, not feeling anything

At the hind, a screech chimes

Just a foul mood, at all times

Worry ate me, paved my destruction

My being and my self’s extinction

It was the ultimate formidable enemy

Stress completely depleted me

No one is born unhappy, yes, we all come to the world crying, but very soon learn that our default setting is happiness and contentment. As we grow up, we keep wanting more and become unsatisfied by minute, giving way to discontentment and a feeling of incompleteness. These feelings are 100% made by us.

It is upto us to recognise ourselves and work accordingly rather than following a crowd of faceless people who lead us astray and into a world of unknown sorcery. Misguidance is a sin that one can be victimised to very easily.


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