I was abandoned

Insecurities rushed back

Once again left alone

For the world to brand

An outcast, a stray strand

You are for life, they said

Who knew life

Meant the few years

When life apart seemed ludicrous

And time distant preposterous

I was abandoned

Time and again

By those who claimed

They loved me unconditionally

However hid the truth partially

Their time, their place

I didn’t matter at all

It was all about them

Their convenience broke my heart

It’s time for a fresh start

Although dark, this is a truth that we face many times in our life, and we still can’t cope with it. Who, once we believed would be by our side through thick and thin, now has no contact with us.

It is however not a thing we should dwell upon for long. It is a matter of priorities and we can’t change it. We can just move on and keep on living our lives.


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