Rolled up, sexy

Buttoned down, classy

Without, beat the heat

Half, an all time treat

Scruffed, something’s wrong

Wrinkled, press along

Coloured, bright day

Patched, worn to slay

Woollen, it’s cold

Suede, quite bold

Cufflinks, stylish

Ballooned, little childish

Cold shoulder, trendy much

Stripped, delicate touch

Sleeve, numerous avatars

Styles, raising bars

How we dress is a big pointer about our mental state. Unkempt looks often show something is wrong, be it physical or mental, however a well dressed person always oozes confidence and attracts attention. A person who is confident in the way he carries himself and with what he is wearing naturally seems a better one to talk to even without doing anything else. Let’s all be trendy and comfortable in ourselves, and at the same time pur an effort into how we dress.

In this poem I’ve left a lot to imagination and for the reader to think upon. I would love to hear your takes on this.


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