As I observed the tree

I saw its utter depth

The meaning it gives to life

Sadness within me crept

As I touched the bark

I understood what steady meant

Support throughout life

Whether straight or bent

As I counted the branches

Expansion took a new turn

Succession and ancestry are

Not opposites but one

As I closed in on the leaves

I could see beginnings of result

How gradually a small step

Raises a magnificent tumult

As I saw a budding flower

That result became clearer

Now everyone knew

It was a fruit bearer

As the fruit then ripened

It taught me patience

The virtue often lost

Amidst life’s fast cadence

As I zoomed out the picture

Something was missing

How could the tree prosper

How it wasn’t dehiscing

As I was then reminded of roots

I came to a realisation

Success is not far or difficult

When there’s a healthy foundation

As I stood and as I observed

I was filled with regret

That so few of us relate

And repay nature’s debt

I can’t even begin to explain how many parallels I draw from nature. Everything in nature and its sheer beauty gives me hope and the will to move forward. Examples all around me motivate me to just go with the flow when times are tough. They tell me “Everything will be alright. You just need to stick through this”.

This is what I hope for all of you too, that you too draw from nature’s strength and make it your own. And when the time comes, give back to it.

Also read Shroud, another poem by me along the same lines.


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