The Wave

Born in depths of ocean

Rising up, defeating depth, oppression and subjugation

Ignorant of its devastating effects

It is seen how balance is created in nature and maintained. In my culture it is often believed that for every birth there is a death, a life for a life. But the growing population ridicules these theories. However, it can be seen where the human population increases, many other species are becoming extinct, is it too much of an approximation if I say that, the number of living beings might still be the same?

Death and destruction are things that should be taken in stride with lives, and move on hoping for the best, with the belief that balance is being restored.

I’ve tried writing a haiku for the first time. Would love some feedback on this, on how I can improve and if something is missing.


4 thoughts on “The Wave

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  1. Hi Some deep thoughts on balance of the universe or at least the earth! Re your poem it encapsulates the sort of thought needed in a haiku, but a haiku should be 17 syllables only, 5 in line 1, 7 in line 2, 5 in line 3. Hope that’s the sort of feedback you wanted.

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      1. Forgive me but your poem has 17 words. Born has 1 syllable, in has 1 but deepest has 2 syllables of has 1 and oceans has 2 making line one 7 syllables. Line 2 is 15 syllables and line 3, 11 syllables. The fact that it doesn’t follow the rules does not however, make it any less worthy a poem and it is very effective as it stands. 🙂

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