Born from ashes

Albeit of sorrow

A phoenix

Gleaming, magnificent

Whilst cursed

Heady mix

Guilty as charged

Of being beautiful

A pedestal

Not one surpasses

The benchmark

The incredible

None acknowledge

Horrors of past

A memory

Nor the future

Being the same

Just reverie

Phoenixes, among the most beautiful and powerful creatures known in the magical realm are often represented as symbols of hope. Not only do they have power, but the will to survive even though they know, they’ll burn one day, and the patience to wait to be reborn from their own ashes.

This balance of virtues is seldom seen and must be cherished, not only the positivity but also the negativity from which it had risen should be appreciated.


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  1. This is a good read, I honestly like how you’ve written this, I am impressed with your style and sincerity. Thank you for sharing this. I am Ragazza, I hope yu could also follow my blog page. Thank you so much. 🙂

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